Human Grandeur /Човешкото Величие/

Human Grandeur

Human grandeur – what is it exactly and does it actually exist? I could hardly express an adequately universal opinion on the topic, as this is a notion far beyond explicitness. However, drawing on the “Man is a measure for everything” maxim, I can state my understanding that I do believe in human grandeur and I can clearly recognize it throughout the pages of history and even in my own everyday experience.

Passion is essential and inevitably everywhere in our world. It may be light and benevolent, or dark and malevolent. Quite often we give way to egotism and anger and do things hurtful to others. Nevertheless, is it not the most beautiful happening when one acknowledges their mistake and repents for it? And even more marvelous when one is requited with forgiveness and accepted back, and loved? As for me, it is. The ability to rue or pardon the harms once vigorously and mindlessly induced is a bliss, which should be most valued. It is the very thing that proves human soul superiority over low passions and differs good-hearted, capable of real relations individuals from the ones weak in true love.

Another victory over innate passions is endurance in situations of severe distress. A lot of people in world history expressed such respectable and excessive strength of will. Starting with Socrates, who stood for his adherence for truth and refused to avoid his death sentence through bribed escape and ending with the beggar from my neighbourhood, who refused to overstep his principles not to steal in order to avoid starvation, a person can easily fill their list of spiritual guides and strive for being better. I am far from the idea that everyone can achieve similar volitive results, but it is something obviously and definitely peculiar to men – to keep their virtues even in great sufferings.

Yes, human grandeur does exist. I find it every time I see an individual sustaining victory over our imperfect human nature and doing the right thing. As Alfred Lord Tennyson once remarked: “The happiness of man in this life does not consist in the absence of, but in the mastery of his passions.”


6 Responses to “Human Grandeur /Човешкото Величие/”

  1. април 25, 2008 в 2:38 am

    Есе по английски =)

  2. 2 Al4i
    април 27, 2008 в 6:24 am

    Когато ми дадеш превод ще го прочета цялото. 🙂

  3. 3 lyd
    май 1, 2008 в 9:48 am

    I do believe it exists, but don’t we all have different ideas about it? Do you believe our „innate passions“ should be overcome? Then if these are human passions, so we lose our humanity through overcoming innate passions? 😉

  4. 4 lyd
    май 1, 2008 в 9:51 am

    по-добре публикувай целите текстове, защото когато те четата от feed reader, хората остават с впечатлението, че статията свършва дотам, докъдето си я показал. ако не бях решила да коментирам, нямаше да знам 😦

  5. май 1, 2008 в 10:22 pm

    Well, indeed I consider sustaining victory over ourselves a truly respectable and noble deed, as it is perfectly OK and easy to follow your natural desires, but to show GRANDEUR is to overcome them. „Conquer yourself and you’ll have the world“ 🙂 Of course, we should not overstep the borders of humanity (we could hardly do it anyway), but a lot of the innate passions do more bad then good, or so I think 🙂

    Мерси за забележката, може би вече ще ги пускам цели :]
    Алчи, аз едва се хващам да напиша едно такова есе, и то от необходимост от упражнение, пък ти и превод искаш! 😀

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